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In addition to its many discrete monitoring activities, the Division of Water Monitoring & Standards (DWM&S) also manages numerous continuous monitoring activities that involve the use of short and long term data loggers throughout NJ in both fresh and marine waters. Data loggers are electronic devices that utilize sensors and probes to measure various water quality parameters 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Data logger deployments may range from several days to many months. Sites for continuous monitoring are chosen for a variety of reasons, including to support and/or supplement the discrete data collected by DWM&S, as well as for project-specific purposes.

Continuous monitoring data in NJ are used for a variety of purposes, including measuring fluctuations of Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature to determine the ecological health of streams, acquisition of data for comprehensive analysis and decision making to support Barnegat Bay’s Comprehensive Action Plan, and generation of the New Jersey Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report (Integrated Report). Every two years, a new water region in NJ is given a comprehensive monitoring and assessment focus which starts new continuous monitoring site selection.

On this website, users will find the locations of DWM&S managed continuous monitoring activities – both long and short term, active and historical, as well as information specific to each location. Data associated with each location is available for download and graphing.

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